Moustache May

Copyright 2010 Mary Meccage

Yes indeed. The above portrait is the man my lovely sister is married to.

More portraits soon to come, but the moustache portrait is probably just going to be an annual thing. You know, during May. I started out with an urge to do a graphic sketch of someone, initially searching for a picture of my parent's 3-legged dog to make a design out of. Then Nick's picture caught my eye, and I knew. This is what I must do. 

The cheeky fellows who celebrate Moustache May deserve a bronzed medal of some sort, or at the very least, a rhubarb pie. Why, you may ask? When attempting a feat such as this, that person will undergo much ridicule and scrutiny, especially in the "Mexi-stache" phase of growth. Now, I'm no expert on moustaches, nor do I ever hope to be, but I do believe what you're seeing here is the "Painter's Brush" style. Either that or a chevron, I can't decide. For a diagrammed look at the different styles visit the American Mustache Institute. 



  1. Oh no...this is hilarious! Nick wants to make it into a t-shirt - He just quoted to me, "The only thing better than having a mustache, is wearing a t-shirt of yourself with a mustache." All I have to say is, "Naaaaa!" I prefer mustache morning. A month or whole day is waaaayyy to long. Great post, great links, great sketch Moose! You make me laugh. :)

  2. I think Nick SHOULD have a t-shirt of himself with a moustache. It's only right. Extremely funny post, Mary. Great jaerb!