Wishbone Design

This site has a fun flash navigation, using slats of wood (popsicle sticks?) as the nav bar. Also, the site is really sweet too, a couple from New Zealand designing uber cute kids bikes. 


An Open Letter to James Cameron From Papyrus

A letter to James Camerson, Avatar director, concerning the use of the infamous and terribly abused typface, Papyrus.

An Open Letter to James Cameron From Papyrus


Zee French Music

I studied French for 2 years in highschool. I had a French surf instructor in Australia and also a travelling buddy named Fabien. He made us crepes, in fact, at two other hostels, a different French man made us crepes each time. I do like French music, it makes me smile. Although I understand little to none of it, their expressions are always so animated. This video is quite off the wall and unexpected, but it has good entertainment value to me.