Sans Coffee

It was an accident really, me giving up coffee. This wasn’t something I premeditated, planned, or spoke about, it just happened. It started on a calm, snowy, Saturday morning. I arose, gravitated like a magnet directly to the coffee grinder like always, and then...I paused. The thought of the terribly noisy blades whirring the coffee beans to a powder, shattering the crisp silence of the morning was obnoxious and disturbing. So I didn’t do it. I walked away. No beautiful silence should be destroyed for something I could live without. Five days. I’ve survived five days.

While coffee may come from kitchens or cafes, spatulas on the other hand, do not. They come from Spatula City. Now if you've never heard of Spatula City you simply must visit. I created a series of postcards using stamps carved out of polymer clay and an exacto blade. No fingers were lost in the creation of the following images.