Four eyes and two wheels

Glasses will do something to a child. Besides the whole corrected vision thing they become this accessory which you can't do a darn thing about. I sported mini coaster sized wire frames throughout the all-too important status seeking 1st - 5th grades. Although after breaking them playing football for the umpteenth time I finally became the owner of a contact. (yes, just one....don't ask.)

Yet my glasses experience left me wanting to redeem my own nerdy spectacle status. Harboring a secret obsession to own a pair of the non-functioning, trendy glasses for quite a while I have almost given in to buying these at Urban Outfitters. Vintage/Mod/Retro paraphernalia has really been turning my crank lately. Design Sponge recently featured a color palette that brought me inspiration. Color+Glasses+Vectors = My first pattern. A funky throw pillow maybe?
Since we're on the subject of vector illustrations and all (you didn't know that did you? Surprise!) I can't resist to post these bike delights starting with Eleanor Grosch of pushmepullyou design and of other artists featured on Poster Cabaret. Bikes are so cool. I finished the Bike Snob book by the way. The reading was delightful, I've decided I'm a cross between Roadie/Urban Cyclist/Godzilla Girl (who rides bikes in dresses and breezes through stop signs....yes, I'm guilty.)



It's that certain time of year when sunsets sound like popcorn popping and the stars are exploding into multi-colored flares. In strolls the month of July, head high and guns a'blazing. If July were a person, I'd want to hang out with her. Besides, it's also my birthday month, so that's exciting...for me.

This free downloadable desktop calendar/awesomeness from Mike Perry featured on design*sponge embodies this months personality. Colorful and at times crazy...but time passes on on all the same. Because that's life right? 

On a more random note, from thesaraus.com one of the synonyms for acceptable is "cooking with gas." Frankly, I don't get it. Any ideas?


Bike Snob

Vargo's Jazz City & Books in downtown Bozeman, Montana has books.
New and Used. They are wonderful.
I judge books by their covers.
My philosophy is that I'm supporting good design - bad covers don't get my money, no matter the book. That being said, I bought the book on the right. Based on it's cover. But much to my delight the inside is just as cool as the cover; filled with wonderful type, illustrations, and get this, sweet bike snob stickers!