Four eyes and two wheels

Glasses will do something to a child. Besides the whole corrected vision thing they become this accessory which you can't do a darn thing about. I sported mini coaster sized wire frames throughout the all-too important status seeking 1st - 5th grades. Although after breaking them playing football for the umpteenth time I finally became the owner of a contact. (yes, just one....don't ask.)

Yet my glasses experience left me wanting to redeem my own nerdy spectacle status. Harboring a secret obsession to own a pair of the non-functioning, trendy glasses for quite a while I have almost given in to buying these at Urban Outfitters. Vintage/Mod/Retro paraphernalia has really been turning my crank lately. Design Sponge recently featured a color palette that brought me inspiration. Color+Glasses+Vectors = My first pattern. A funky throw pillow maybe?
Since we're on the subject of vector illustrations and all (you didn't know that did you? Surprise!) I can't resist to post these bike delights starting with Eleanor Grosch of pushmepullyou design and of other artists featured on Poster Cabaret. Bikes are so cool. I finished the Bike Snob book by the way. The reading was delightful, I've decided I'm a cross between Roadie/Urban Cyclist/Godzilla Girl (who rides bikes in dresses and breezes through stop signs....yes, I'm guilty.)

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