My mother scolded us kids when we played on her typewriter. Sometimes the letters would glob up at the top, a big mess of spindly metal, type, and ink and I'd reach up there and one by one pull down the s, k, p, m, and so on to their respective spots. It was fun to watch the arm swing up to the paper with a press of a button, then to twirl the knob on the side, moving the paper along. Not much has changed since then, besides that little thing called technology, but there's still a marveling amusement at putting one's own words on paper. For me, success in design is as much imagery as it is type and writing. Writing is quite powerful, and when paired with the right typeface - it's a beautiful thing.

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  1. I quite agree that good design and good writing are like a magnet to the reader. One complements the other. You are just drawn/sucked in. I love the little red typewriter graphic, too. Sounds like your mother was kind of mean, though. She should have let you play on the old typewriter more.