Provocative Questions About Chickens

My friend wanted to buy a chicken yesterday. Just one.
She asked if you could potty train a chicken.

No, no you can't. (in case you were wondering)

I found the question and desire to own one pet chicken entirely hilarious, yet Easter is right around the corner and chicks seem to be synonymous with that. Coming from a childhood of raising chickens on a farm, and yes, butchering them, I guess you could say their magical cuteness is lost on me. However, I found this design on mental floss that made me laugh.


  1. I couldn't find this article that you mentioned but I'm sure it was very informative. You have fed chickens, cleaned their poopy house, picked eggs, pulled feathers off their dead bodies, and have even gotten chased by flopping, headless chickens. You know what you are talking about, Mary.

  2. Ha! I must have missed this post! I'm with ya when you said, "...their magical cuteness is lost on me". When they start losing the feathers to lice and have funny neck things going on and leave little piles everywhere you walk - and it won't come off your shoe and that horrible wet chicken smell (ugg). The only part I really didn't mind was opening the gizzard and cleaning out all the rocks. That was pretty cool.